What We Do

At Spotlight, we use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to find answers for our clients. Below are a few examples of the types of work we can do for your organization.

OSINT investigations
Bespoke in-person and virtual, OSINT trainings and workshops
Recorded OSINT courses at https://mycyber.training
Keynote speaker

We highly encourage potential clients to contact us with their requirements so that we can tailor solutions that fit their unique needs.

About Us

Simply put, we understand OSINT and cyber security. Those fields are our passions and we use our expert skills to help bring our customers answers.

We are researchers, teachers, and practitioners.

Micah's bio can be found on the speaking page.


Over the past decades, Micah has enthralled audiences across the globe. His custom talks mix his broad technical and applied knowledge with stories, anecdotes, and humor to create an environment for learning, exploration, and change. Whether he is demonstrating a specific OSINT skill or highlighting data that is freely available on the internet and possibly damaging to an organization or individual, Micah infuses his speaking engagements with energy and delivers talks that influence, amuse, and educate.

Micah's Bio:

Micah Hoffman is the Principal Investigator and owner of Spotlight Infosec (https://spotinfo.co), an Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigator at the National Child Protection Task Force (https://ncptf.org), and has been working in the OSINT and cyber fields for decades. As a leader in the open-source intelligence world and the current President of The OSINT Curious Project non-profit (https://osintcurio.us), Micah creates free open-source tools, writes blog posts, and runs OSINT-focused live streams. He is a Senior Instructor at the SANS Institute and the author of the OSINT Gathering & Analysis (SEC487) class (https://sans.org/sec487). Micah's passion is learning, sharing OSINT tactics and techniques, and giving back to the communities he helped to create and strengthen

Name and Positions:

Micah Hoffman, President The OSINT Curious Project, Principal Investigator, Spotlight Infosec, and Senior Instructor for The SANS Institute


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